(g) Spring in Their Steps (3.4) wp

Observing 4
Spring in Their Steps
(mini haibun with haiku)

The bit of snow not melted from the first
Little piffile puff spat of frozen flakes
Left a white tree shadow on the lawn ~
Cold weather, shadows, did not bother
The woodpecker at the feeder.

Along with some other birdland friends
They only flutter flew briefly disturbed
When I braved the elements to do a quick
Refill of black oil sunflower seeds – I
Had to go back twice to fill my scoop.

a window watcher ~
on days when the weather turns
cold enough to freeze…


Note: not my backyard. But I do live in PA, USA, so
some of the other birds in the video also visit my feeder.

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6 thoughts on “(g) Spring in Their Steps (3.4) wp

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how it can be bitterly cold (at least here) and the birds, including the small chickadees, will be out and about, flitting and dipping, their feathers ruffling in the wind when they land on a branch. Yet they go about their business as if – I don’t know, like it’s all good and well.

    Lovely video 🙂 (nice to see them up close, even if it isn’t your backyard 😉 )


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