(g) Spring Lion (3.3) wp

Observing 3
Spring Lion
(haibun with haiku)

With large invisible gnashing teeth
Crunching brittle bare bone like branches
Limbs fall from high winds from
The March Lion’s mouth…

The silent sheep of rainbow hue
The petals once warmed through and through
Believed the caresses that they felt
Were from the Lamb of early April…

Interior paths
were paces yesterday ~ I
spied; redwing blackbird


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5 thoughts on “(g) Spring Lion (3.3) wp

  1. A few days, even a few hours can change March weather. Thanks for the note about the return of your card. I never got mine back (or at least so far I haven’t). ~nan

  2. 🙂

    it’s like the teasing was the prelude to the slaughter! sheesh …. but we will overcome, or perhaps, the weather will simply unfold and we will witness and crumble (?) – I meant to write grumble – but time will out and soon enough the blooms will blush and winter will tuck itself up and away for another year.

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