(g) Unpredictable Spring (3.2) wp

Observing 2
Unpredictable Spring
(haibun with haiku)

Yesterday, change up routine, a predawn walk
to get in steps…Where the hints of shadow
play like old spider webs

The sparrows, robins and cardinals are enjoying
the cool morning after rain to hunt for large juicy worms
Slowly the neighborhood wakes

Lights twinkle on as the stars twinkle out; few are out
Or awake in the predawn solitude of what could be an
early spring – Between the two storms expected today

After two storms and then throughout the night
The barometer changes – my head pounds –
Temps drop, there will be no early rise or walk today…

snow is possible
tomorrow; a gift from the
north westerly winds


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21 thoughts on “(g) Unpredictable Spring (3.2) wp

  1. I hope that the weather has stabilized and you are feeling better …. nothing worse than the pressure bouncing all around and creating hell in the head, and any other body parts, as is my case too.

    ((((gentle hugs Jules)))))

    and wonderful Haibun with quiet and particular details that speak of pre-dawn silence …

    • I did get some sleep last night…And have to restock the larder today as it were… then I’m going to take it easy.
      Minor straightening, Major writing (I hope).

      Back down to freezing after attempting to reach 5o F with high winds… Well it is March. And then in a couple of weeks we have to mess with changing the clocks again.

      • ((((((Jules))))))

        not fun when the weather beats us down – so just take it slowly and then rest and do what you need to feel better. I’m still playing roller coaster here too with the aches and pains and feeling “pressured” …. weather is bitingly cold right now, but as you’ve said, it IS March, so maybe within a few weeks it’ll finally lamb itself into softness.

        I don’t even want to think on the time shift ….

        • No early walks this cold weekend…
          Not much during the day either…
          I restocked so I’m good for a bit. Had a nap in the middle of the day. Mending?
          Until the next uncertainty of weather 😉

          • I too napped …. needed it …. and feel a bit better …. but for another totally weird out dream …. ugh.

            Still really cold though. Yuck.

              • Now THAT is a great idea – THANK YOU – off to munch, on that and the edible food 😉

                  • I had freshly cut up pineapple – don’t ask me how I didn’t lose a hand – and then a small portion of left over chicken stir fry that I made yesterday …. wasn’t that hungry and ate most of a large pineapple instead.

        • Here we are belly-aching and my hubby is working in below freezing temps at the moment. They can only be in the freezer for about 15 minutes in their freezer suits to try and fix the problem. Not fun. He has to leave his Cell phone out of the freezer because it mucks up the phone! Too cold. So 68 F in the house is going to be just fine for me 😉

          • well sometimes job territory is not …. warm …. I was going to write “cool” – but take it from one who has worked outside as a ice rink attendant in frigid weather and wet wet wet …. making and maintaining ice rinks??? I’ll take protective gear and quick 15 minute jaunts over what I did before. Still though, not pleasant to work with electronics and mechanics when it’s too cold.

            At the moment, it’s 5F and feels like -8 and tonight? overnight??? argh …. predicted -6F feeling like -26 …. I’m not a happy camper and 68F isn’t cutting it with the wind tonight. Brrrr.

            Stay warm and toasty Jules 🙂

  2. Not fit for walking here really. Freezing cold and wet. But yes. From the bedroom window I saw blue sky for a little while. Patience needed here I think. Now storms have names we seem to get more of them Jules

    • I don’t think anyone has given our brief snow flurries names today …
      I might even put a fire in the hearth tomorrow! Another cold weekend on the way.

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