(g) Spring Sentinel (3.1) wp

Observing 1
Spring Sentinel
(haibun with tanka)

Yesterday at the old farmhouse in the
Middle of the suburban neighborhood
At first glance I thought some debris
From the almost a tornado had precariously
landed on one of the chimney stacks
On closer inspection it was fowl…
A large black vulture to be exact!

The large American Black Vulture
Almost looks like a lost knight ~
With a helmet, short cuisse
And sabaton all of silver grey
not quite gleaming with a black cape;
Ready to bring winter to a close and
Rebirth spring about two weeks early

amid clearing mist
resting on a high perch to
survey the valley

solitary knight, ready
to defend against winter


To the Mayan mind the vulture was observed as a death eater.
As a consumer of death, the Mayan felt the vulture could also
convert death to life. So, the vulture was considered a symbol
of cleansing , renewal and transformation.
Because it sort of fits…I don’t have a favorite poem. I write poems…

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15 thoughts on “(g) Spring Sentinel (3.1) wp

  1. wow! this is totally cool – and what an accidental sighting!

    I love how you’ve captured the moment – the wondering and then the description in awe and delight – and how it is this knight is there, holding sway.

    Wonderful words and very descriptive, certainly paints a vivid image in my mind. And I like the lore and myth references.

    Great way to walk out February and sidle into March Jules 🙂

      • must be totally cool to see more than one or just a few …. how nifty is this? Lucky you …. you may have seen the one, but who knows? Another walk and you may see more 🙂

          • Future DIL …. well that’s interesting (unofficially or officially – and no you can eventually answer in an email or perhaps you just use as it a means of i.d. to distinguish between the sons etc. ) – whatever – my mind is wandering – I need food too 😉

            there certainly is a difference between hawks and vultures, although clearly, as you’ve discovered, some really do seem to look alike – and if they aren’t too up close, it can be hard to distinguish, but I’m sure you’re happy in your investigations etc. 🙂


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