(g) Love 21 Attraction? (2.21) wp

Love 20
(Elfje and reverse Elfje

That first
Meeting; eyes across
A crowded room: a

Giver or receiver; right
Or wrong – the
Heart beats


“What can the will do when the heart commands?’
-Louis Dearborn (LaMoore) L’Amour (1908-1988)
Aka Tex Burns
American novelist
When interviewed not long before his death, he was asked which among his
books he liked best. His reply:
I like them all. There’s bits and pieces of books that I think are good. I never
rework a book. I’d rather use what I’ve learned on the next one, and make it
a little bit better. The worst of it is that I’m no longer a kid and I’m just now
getting to be a good writer. Just now.

The Book Of Hearts: Visions of Love in Word and Image
Running Press * Philadelphia / London
© 1994

Note: Chosen quotes not in page order.

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