(g) Love 9 : Snow Blues (2.9) wp

Love 9
Snow Blues
(free verse)

As the snowflakes finally fall, this January
The roads become kissed with frozen flakes
…One by one there are delays reported

There was to be time spent with youth –
Games to be played, brownies to be baked…
But delays evolved into closures (sigh)

That time will need to be rescheduled since
There is no longer a need for the service that a
Grama can provide – since a parent will be home…


“There is a chord in every heart that has a sigh in it
if touched aright”
Ouida (aka) -Marie Louise De La Ramé/ Ramée (1839-1908)
She derived her pen name from her own childish
pronunciation of her given name “Louise”.
English writer

The Book Of Hearts: Visions of Love in Word and Image
Running Press * Philadelphia / London
© 1994

Note: Chosen quotes not in page order.
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6 thoughts on “(g) Love 9 : Snow Blues (2.9) wp

  1. well, in the end, you have the time to yourself …. so hey, bake the brownies anyhow and treat yourself after one of the shoveling sessions 😉

    be safe and warm – and take care out there!

    • Just enough for a shovel to push… A delay probably would have worked. But we might get a few stray snow showers throughout the day.

      OK…I modified a dark chocolate brownie mix, applesauce instead of water. Added nutmeg, walnuts, pistachio and a few mini marshmallows – baking as we speak.

      • sounds good …. really good ….. so, well, less than expected is good, even if it threw everything all over the place for so many …. but what is, is, so might as well enjoy 🙂


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