(g) Love 6 :Exponential Expansion (2.6) wp

Love 6
Exponential Expansion
(shadorma/ reverse shadorma pair)

The joys of
being a grandma –
Offspring sprung
From your own
Or borrowed from another;
Where age disappears

Where simple acts are
Lived with curious wonder
Everything fits
From gentle
Kisses, hugs, hands and
Sharing hearts


“The human heart, at whatever age,
Opens only to the heart that opens in return.”
-Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)
British writer

The Book Of Hearts: Visions of Love in Word and Image
Running Press * Philadelphia / London
© 1994

Note: Chosen quotes not in page order.

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3 thoughts on “(g) Love 6 :Exponential Expansion (2.6) wp

  1. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a grandma, is there? Seeing your children reflected in another generation? Often bringing back memories of when they were small? Ah, that is love! 🙂 ~nan

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