(g) Twiglet 9/ Exclamation: Winter! (1.31) wp

Exclamation: Winter!
(mini haibun)

Like hail, though not as dense
(If there was any sense to the weather)
Packed flakes fell while the sun shone
(squalls, mini balls of snow flown about, no tether)

Bouncing off the back porch roof
Twirling in unscripted ballet
One huge spotlight slowly shifted in the
Semi-blue sky with dust colored curtain clouds

odd phenomenon
less than half a dozen times
brief distraction points


It’s a ball.

Note: A snowsquall (or snow squall) is a sudden
moderately heavy snowfall with blowing snow and
strong, gusty surface winds. It is often referred to
as a whiteout and is similar to a blizzard but is
localized in time or in location and snow accumulations
may or may not be significant.

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16 thoughts on “(g) Twiglet 9/ Exclamation: Winter! (1.31) wp

  1. Oh I do love these twiglet prompts! Especially love your second stanza here. Having lived many many years in Iowa prior to 1997, I’ve been in these snow squalls 🙂

  2. Ah, we got that on Sunday. Little balls that whitened the yard quickly. By the next morning we had 6 to 7 inches but it is all gone now as the weather warmed. I’m ready, already, for spring.

  3. this really came together – love the lines, the phrases, the images …. packed flakes fell – ooh shivery … and then the next line … squalls, mini balls ….. what a delicious line …. 😀


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