(g) chilled (1.29) wp

(a renga)

late morning, too cold
remembering the season
all to do is sigh

up two degrees from midnight
so, not much up from freezing

all to do is sigh
a season to remember
too cold, late morning

©JP/dh 1.29.17

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3 thoughts on “(g) chilled (1.29) wp

  1. Less people here to want my email so here it is Jules! xo
    I edited it out. As that I have that…
    But you said you don’t look at your e-mail.
    I was going to send them to you snail mail if you wanted…

    You have mine too…WP has (if requested by the (any blogger) the person who comments name, email and URL.
    When you look in the dashboard area of comments and also if you go to edit a comment.


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