(g) QKJ / Can you hear me now? (1.28) wp

Can you hear me now?
(a renga)

Gone the purple fruit
(within the warm midnight hour)
I consumed them all

Alas you can not break fast
With those tasty morsels now

I’d apologize
(Perhaps I could, should, would try)
Remembering them…


Steal Well (rewrite: William Carlos Williams’ “This Is Just To Say”

I have eaten/ the plums/ that were in/ the icebox

and which/ you were probably/ saving/ for breakfast

Forgive me/ they were delicious/ so sweet/ and so cold

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9 thoughts on “(g) QKJ / Can you hear me now? (1.28) wp

  1. ooohhhhhhh, I’m so totally swooning over this ….. this is wonderful ….. love the way you’ve taken the original and made it your own …. lovely and sensual 🙂


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