(g) QKJ / Can you hear me now? (1.28) wp

Can you hear me now?
(a renga)

Gone the purple fruit
(within the warm midnight hour)
I consumed them all

Alas you can not break fast
With those tasty morsels now

I’d apologize
(Perhaps I could, should, would try)
Remembering them…


Steal Well (rewrite: William Carlos Williams’ “This Is Just To Say”

I have eaten/ the plums/ that were in/ the icebox

and which/ you were probably/ saving/ for breakfast

Forgive me/ they were delicious/ so sweet/ and so cold

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  1. ooohhhhhhh, I’m so totally swooning over this ….. this is wonderful ….. love the way you’ve taken the original and made it your own …. lovely and sensual 🙂

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