(g) by and by (1.26) wp

by and by
(a renga)

up too late reading
slept in, a tad, really
I missed the muster

then it could have been the rain
moist sky leaks, dawn barely breaks

yet I am sure that
the crows, their black cloud, their crowd
gather somewhere close


http://crow.bz/main/murder.htm A horde, hover, muster,
parcel are also listed as collective nouns for Crows.
The most famous of them all is “a murder”.

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6 thoughts on “(g) by and by (1.26) wp

    • I finished a book last night 🙂
      It took a while to get into it.
      And last week I just gave up on a book I wasn’t enjoying. Life is to short 😉

      Best to you and yours!

  1. Smiles for brain stretches after long winter’s sleep. I learned a meaning to do with crows gathering, Jules. Thank you for the words which created an active poem. 🙂
    Hugs, Robin

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