(g) perfect timing? (1.25) wp

perfect timing?
(a renga)

pink sky eases slow
from the east, only briefly
blocked by the crow horde

a natural alarm clock
if you haven’t another set

miles of them spilling
unlike the contained grains of
an hourglasses sand


http://crow.bz/main/murder.htm A horde, hover, muster,
parcel are also listed as collective nouns for Crows.
The most famous of them all is “a murder”.

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8 thoughts on “(g) perfect timing? (1.25) wp

  1. 🙂 interesting imagery – the dawn and the sun rise and a horde of crows – which stands by itself – and yet is a lovely image for night as well – and then the whole flight thing – and sand and time – and how they can appear as specks in the sky ….

    interesting combination of ideas and images …. soothing too … a gentle awakening 🙂

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