(g) T/QKJ/MLMM/ Murder in the Morning? (1.24) b

Murder in the Morning?
(a mini haibun)

Was he awake
before dawn?
Did he miss the
spiraling of blackbirds –
(when I went to get the
morning paper – dreading
to read the headlines…)
Wings like folding chairs
setting up for or
being taken down after
a funeral in the winter sky…

yesterday was all
rain, the creek rose, the sky dull;
time marched like blind men


http://crow.bz/main/murder.htm A horde, hover, muster,
parcel are also listed as collective nouns for Crows.
The most famous of them all is “a murder”.

https://thetwiglets.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/twiglet-8/ folding chairs
https://imprompt.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/qkj-24/ “spiral”
Please see link for photo prompt credited to – Mario Gervais

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12 thoughts on “(g) T/QKJ/MLMM/ Murder in the Morning? (1.24) b

  1. …can’t be original here because I too love the idea of those folding chair legs being compared to wings….spread them wide and soar! 🙂

  2. as the others have said – the idea of wings like folding chairs is wonderful – and really sets quite a vivid image 🙂

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