g) freezing frisson? (1.22) wp

freezing frisson?
(tau ku, pi ku, haiku, pi ku, tau ku)

amid this and that (cold
I still
shiver) weather fractures records

singing a
song; ode to spring

Sweet William’s budding
in the middle of winter;
facing fog or frost

singing a
hymn; pray for warmth

amid this and that (cold
my hands,
fingers) wrap around warm brewed tea


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5 thoughts on “g) freezing frisson? (1.22) wp

  1. 🙂 odd weather will out – including the plants, in their “confusion”? who knows, maybe they know something we don’t …. lovely little piece here – I like how you “fracture” it with the insertion inversion of cold and being cold and still swatting at the bug that is hanging on …. so hang in there and rest as you must ….


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