(g) QKJ/MLMM / Perusing Summer Daze (1.21) wp

Perusing Summer Daze
(shadorma series; 50 words including title)

The rabbits
Respond to the warmth
Creep out of
Safety; a perceived mansion
The old man’s farmhouse

Drinking deep
From the cistern they
Peruse dawn,
Inquisitively at the
Unguarded garden

Out of opaque sky
Just a hawk
Hunting artisan wants a
Delicious breakfast


Write a summer day.
1)Let’s try a fifty/fifty split: write a piece of flash in 50 words using one word from each column; you can alter the form of the word – responded; deliciously
(* the words I used)
noun verb modifier (verb/noun)
*cistern *undulate *careful
*artisan * respond * inquisitive
sphinx, attach, ultramarine
*rabbit *peruse *opaque
courtesan, *vibrate *delicious
2)And in 25 words or less, an image for your perusal and penmanship:

(Photograph: © Lorraine)
3)shadorma (3/5/3/3/7/5). You can write one stanza (that’s what I do) or multiple stanzas. I’d like you to write to a theme word this week, chimera.

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9 thoughts on “(g) QKJ/MLMM / Perusing Summer Daze (1.21) wp

  1. 🙂

    wow! well done – set yourself quite the challenge here and carried it off extremely well – has a light, airy breezy feel, and careful use of words that suit the story well 🙂 impressive Jules 🙂


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