(g) QKJ 20 / Wild Voices? (1.20) w

Wild Voices?

“T’is a good thing Woman filled the feeder yesterday”

Cardinal :
“Man, my brood used to just be me and my wife, now
there are at least four pair of us nesting in the pines”

“Is one feeder enough? Is one feeder enough?”
“Really is one feeder enough?”

Mourning Dove:
“Calm down..you know we all need to take turns
dropping seed for the Squirrels since that baffle
only allows us access.

“Where are the squirrels? Where are the squirrels?”
“Really where are the squirrels?”

“T’is the weather. T’is too cold they are all still nesting.”

“Scatter quick – the Hawk! Scatter!!!”

Mourning Dove:
“He’s gone. You can come back now. At least the Robins
and Blackbirds prefer another yard.”


Write using multiple voices. Write a dialog or a mob scene—…

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  1. 🙂

    Delightful how you’ve chosen aspects and then filled in quite imaginatively, personalities and words ….

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