(g) Twiglet 7/ unholy pessimism? (1.17) wp

unholy pessimism?
(tau ku, pi ku, haiku)

only some agencies
close on
government holidays – some work.

all schedules
creates conflict

we question what is
normal – to remember well
or shop at a sale


Prompt: a holiday morning

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10 thoughts on “(g) Twiglet 7/ unholy pessimism? (1.17) wp

    • I think some stores might have closed early because some schools also closed early so the students could attend any number of religious programs. I think some of our city schools still do that. The students not going to the program have sort of a free time or art program that won’t count towards grades by the students who are let out early. (I looked it up, they didn’t say why but it is only once a month.) Our children and I think most suburban schools don’t do that. So I’m not exactly sure why at least the one city school I looked at does. Looks like that school all the students have a half day so maybe it is a teacher planning time?

  1. My eldest son has to work all but the major Bank Holidays (public holidays) – ie Christmas and Easter, – but does at least have weekends off! I agree with Misky – a return to Sunday closing would be good.

    • However that only suits one majority. What if we picked say, Wednesday to stand the world still. Could the world adjust?
      There always has to be someone working; police, hospitals, firefighters…

    • In the States I think the law used to be (might still be) your retail space had to close for one day, what ever your holy day was, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
      Retail seems to be in charge of who has off when. When I worked in retail I had very few (regular) days off.


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