(g) QKJ 14/ pen pals (1.14) wp

pen pals
(pi ku, tau ku, haiku, tau ku, pi ku)

two bags or
of just paper

old words lined up telling
expressions flowed in ink – by hand

years pass, time changes;
the ink in the jar dries up
ornate pens stay boxed

maybe when dust settles
there will
be room to use fancy paper

scripting word
with Compassion



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11 thoughts on “(g) QKJ 14/ pen pals (1.14) wp

    • I used to have a wad load of pen-pals…then the grandchildren came…and well my bad…letters got misplaced, and were left unanswered for too long.
      And yep I have those same journals. 🙂

    • Look forward to your post at Carrot Ranch.
      Since the link you included wasn’t directly to a related to the Carrot Ranch post, I deleted it.

      Good luck with your writing. I read a few of your posts. Keep up the good work.

  1. breathing new life from the ashes and dust – clean sweep away – well, who’s to say what another, fresh day will bring?

    • Looking for some sun…
      Unfortunately there is still quite a few loads of ashes and dust…but I’m working on it. I actually cleaned out a bookshelf that needs moving to another location. And this morning dropped off a bag and a box to a charity collection place.

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