(g) turbulence (1.8) wp

(pi ku, haiku, tau ku)

schism, shifted
scratchy, too cold
weather changes quick
winter plays with light; shadow
creeps across the snow
pounding head, stuffed nose, sick?
no, just pass the tissues box, please.


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6 thoughts on “(g) turbulence (1.8) wp

  1. Denial is not a river in Egypt, but I do the same thing when I am coming down with a cold. Deny, deny, deny…and sniffle and grab a box of tissues to carry around. Hope you are feeling better soon, JP. ~nan

  2. ⛄❄😡

    Hope that you’re feeling better soon – and that it stays “small” and manageable. Bundle up, break out the chicken soup and cozy on down for some Zzzzzzs.


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