(g) MLMM TW/ Chasing Tales (1.5) wp

Chasing Tales
(free verse & pi ku)

How restrictive are
The limitations we place
Upon ourselves?

Those resolutions
We make and break
As if they were bits
Of dark chocolate just
Waiting to be consumed?

What tales do we tell ourselves
When we turn away from
Our mirrored reflections?

Vowing to be healthier –
We add miles to our routines
Yet just walking alone
Is not the prevention nor
The cure to all the hidden ills.

Those designer genes we inherited –
Can we, just by lifestyle changes,
Alter courses fate has set into the stars?

cloudy thoughts


This is the time of the year folk make, and break, resolutions. Weave a tale concerning keeping or discarding a resolution. Remember not all resolutions are for “improving” our health and well-being.
With a nod to https://imprompt.wordpress.com/2017/01/05/
The ‘limited’ prompt for QKJ5 is here:
Four Times, Drummed

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12 thoughts on “(g) MLMM TW/ Chasing Tales (1.5) wp

  1. I like this Jules – and as Lorraine mentioned – the reference to bittersweet dark chocolate – that’s what hooked me right in …. great little reflection here 🙂

    • During the summer and autumn I put in some good mileage. Last month not so good. So I’m trying to up it this month, even without going outside.

      Rewards of dark chocolate always a nice thing to treat oneself to. 😉

      • yum yum yum …. and funny how just a little dark goes a long way …. well hop skip and jump to it gal! 😉

  2. Resolutions like pieces of dark chocolate — waiting to be broken and consumed. What great imagery.
    And thanks for the link to the quirky poetry challenge — I may drop in and out as I try to remember that I can write okay.
    Thanks for participating — and all the best of 2017!

    • Stop in at Quickly’s imprompt Quick Kick January anytime. No one has to write everyday there. Quickly comes and goes with prompts at will (by the month sometimes).

          • sorry, had to jump in and “cheer on” because my pom-poms are working for Lorraine at the moment … and her comment? totally poetic!

            • Nothing at all to be sorry for. I quite agree – you too often say you have no poetics, yet you possess more than you know. And yes do does Lorraine. I think we all sink at times and it is our friendships that buoy us!

              • yes yes … hear hear and 3 cheers to our friends 🙂

                through the thick and thin and ticking times when we grin 😉

                and thank you … I am “wordly” inclined 😉

        • So here you are – completely poetic in your comment …. really – stop and read back and let the words roll through you and off your tongue …. and you say “dreck?” …. nope. just need to “fine tune” your ear and “clean your plate of perceptions” …. ((((hugs))))

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