(g) Feathered Tails; Feeding Imagination (QKJ4/2 1.4)

Quick Kick January ~ Gems
(free verse and pi ku)

Feathered Tails; Feeding Imagination

From the sky
To pine, or maple
(Or other greening tree or shrub)
To rest, to perch
From nest, to dine
Large and small
Comfort all
Those daily visitors
Providing I fill black oil sunflower seeds
Into the feeder

ballet; grace
needs of nature


Non-fiction piece to prompt here:
(nf) Technique (QJK4/1 1.4)

QJK 4 Tales of the Unexpected
Day four of thirty-one day poetry (and short form prose) non-challenge. Come back tomorrow…

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5 thoughts on “(g) Feathered Tails; Feeding Imagination (QKJ4/2 1.4)

  1. Two neighbours, different people different houses, each had a bird in a cage and both birds died inexplicably. I can’t help to wonder whether it wasn’t from a broken heart, being out here in nature, only six houses, wide, wide spaces, other birds out and about. In urban areas it wouldn’t be so hard on them? We don’t bother to feed the birds here, there’s so many of them and one wouldn’t want to create a trap where the eagles and servals could get at them.

    • We have some hawk in our area. The bird feeder may attract small animals for it. But they have to eat too.

      I can see your point though – wild animals if fed might eat that which was not intended.


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