(g) Bedraggled (QKJ3g 1.2) wp

Quick Kick January ~ Gems
(non form, form and pi ku)


Hats off to the New Year we wave
Hopeful and high our banner to save

Yet through cold mud our banner drags
As if chewed and spat by ragged hags
today gloom
as winter chills


QKJ 3 non form, form
Day three of thirty-one day poetry (and short form prose) non-challenge. Come back tomorrow…

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5 thoughts on “(g) Bedraggled (QKJ3g 1.2) wp

  1. oh I like how this turned out – love the words used – and that line – as if chewed and spat by ragged hags …. oooh …. lovely 🙂

  2. oh my…..hopefully that banner can wave in the wind and you can strut through the new year with it! New to Ms Quickly’s prompts….I gave it a go.

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