IK 412 for December 2016 wp

IK 412
Accept Limitations
(especially your own)

Assume nothing
Seeking answers comes
When you actually ask

if you don’t want to know
then stop
whining; gift honest intentions


Inspired by: listen to the pearls of wisdom that
Fall from other people’s lips
From: Instant Karma by Barbara Ann Kipfer
8,879 ways to give yourself and others
good fortune right now.
Karma is cause and effect. Dharma means cosmic law.
Yoga is enlightenment through movement and Tao is the
practice of acting in harmony with the fundamental essence
of everything you encounter.

Note: My Elfje; five line verse of 11 words and
line/syllable count; tau ku : 1/6, 2/2, 3/8 and or pi ku: 1/3, 2/1, 3/4
are my interpretations of how I might put the inspirational sentence
into practice, for me. Also, I am going in my own order.

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3 thoughts on “IK 412 for December 2016 wp

  1. well done and to the point 🙂

    and I would add: if you are willing to ask the direct questions, be open minded enough to receive what’s offered, whether you “like it” or not.

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