Just Karma 205 November 2016 wp

Just Karma 205
(tau ku, pi ku pair)


votes have been raked –
to some drained hope now holds the reigns

peons must
the new stewards


Smaller than haiku: line/syllable count
tau ku : 1/6, 2/2, 3/8
pi ku: 1/3, 2/1, 3/4

From the Urban Dictionary
peon: Someone with the lowest social standing, such that
commoners may pee on them with impunity. One social level
below serfs, untouchables, and freshmen.

Note: In the US. The election is now complete. So divided were
the people that if the other candidate won – this ditty would still fit –
(opinion wise). The people must be diligent to keep ill winds at bay.

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