BE33 November 2016 wp

BE33: Zoetic

I notice in my car there is a setting that allows one to recirculate the air
already in the car. Great when one gets the first smell of say, skunk or
some odor that isn’t pleasing. Often home air is tended the same way –
to keep out allergens. There is something to be said from being protected
from outside elements… yet then we too can become filled with stale air.
Miss the petrichor, the last autumn rose, or inhaling the first true frosted
winds of change.

remember to breath
the atmosphere and to be
aware of what is

the past helped to shape the sum
of what was; the future waits

draw deeply of the
present so you can gift each
moment with true depth


Our breath brings us into the present moment, uniting our body,
which is the sum of our past, with our mind, where we create our future.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (in no particular order)

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