BE30 October 2016 wp

BE30: Receptive Reel

find the time dusk or dawn
include an interlude, let drift any alibi
forego excuses, go in between
the reality of thought, focus your third eye;
yearn …yen for the true you…

senses allow us
to gain perspective when the
sun kisses our face



When life overwhelms us, it is time to get outside and
touch the earth to ground ourselves, reestablishing our
essential unity with nature.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (in no particular order)

reel; as in the music of dancing in and for life

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3 thoughts on “BE30 October 2016 wp

  1. Oh Jules. How timely this is. I have just written every word in my note book so I can read it all again and again. So overwhelmed by what is happening here. Thank you for your words. X

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