BE26 October 2016 wp

BE26: Canna Can Do

With the frost warning in the forecast,
he suggested I bring in the potted Canna Lily.
I opened the door, and brought the plant, as tall as myself –
still with orange flowers still blooming and budding from
the previous weeks heat; into my home – my heart –
I might bring ‘her’ up to the bay window until all the
Canna flowers have finally faded…

When the day warms up just a tad; it was 29 F at seven –
I will have to open the ground and retrieve the rhizomes
of the grounded red Canna…and hope that I can save them.
And remember to plant them where they will get more sun…
I did open their pods and retrieve some bead seeds –
Though I have yet to split a seed to attempt to grow it.
Treasured gifts these flowers from a wonderful friend…

frost blooms open in
autumn’s October morning;
miracles unfold



When we open ourselves up to the truth, we show real fath –
and then miracles can happen.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (in no particular order)

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7 thoughts on “BE26 October 2016 wp

    • I might do better if I had more sun… But I only get morning sun… the back yard and back of the house are mostly shaded when there is sun.

      I’ve over-watered and under-watered many times 🙂


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