BE25 October 2016 wp

BE25: Captivating View

There is a slightly hilly section that I sometimes stroll –
There are no sidewalks and the mature trees on either
side of the road give a forested feel. The road is used,
but hardly a thoroughfare so there is a about a mile and
a half of – or about a half an hour that I can concentrate
on the sounds rustling in the flora and fauna.

within the old stump
cavity large, protected
small mushrooms mature



We are enchanted and enchanting when we appreciate all
of life’s miracles, big and small, and share our sense of awe
and wonder with those we care about.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (in no particular order) please see page 27
These may be what I saw… but mushroom identification for me is at best a guess.
The link is its own enchantment with the variety of mushrooms displayed.
Warning: Many wild mushrooms are inedible.

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6 thoughts on “BE25 October 2016 wp

  1. Love the prose. A feeling of beauty and serenity. Well done.
    I did check out the link about mushrooms. The only mushrooms I eat come from the market. Every photo on that link was a inedible and they are the kind that I usually see growing around here. Thanks for sharing. :o)

    • There was one mushroom I look that that said you could eat it while it was ‘young’. But I didn’t look at them all.

      The rainbow fungus was stunning! And the mushrooms that look like steps growing up a tree trunk…all very cool. I actually had a false morel or something like it growing in my yard. But I used a stick to put it in a bag and then in the trash. I didn’t want my grands to mess with it.


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