BE21 October 2016 wp

BE21: Right Rebel (a *Shadorma Summation)

Too many pans in the fire, does that mean everything is half baked?
I have hands that cooperate with my crafty side – weaving words as
well as simple wearable art. They have also modeled the beads which
have been strung to dangle from wrists, necks and lobes of ears.

I have drawn what my eyes have seen to paper with colored pens and
photography… yet few could say I have earned my way in life by any
of those things. One had to be practical when younger to raise a family,
to raise flags and faith, to raise respect for hobbies…

Now I read
That I have been right
All my life
Myself to coexist when
Challenged by others



Creativity enables us to artfully address life’s challenges.

(*Shadorma Summation: A type of haibun using the Shadorma form
instead of haiku. A poetic form created by this author.)

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
(in no particular order)

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