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BE20: All In

Too often while being compassionate to others we forget ourselves.
We say we will take care of ourselves after this or that, or when we
are able – take a moment or two to set the table, even when you dine alone.
Take in every healing breath, feel the release of negative thought being freed
from your aura. Let the soul-spark ignited by the extra air of a deep sigh
strengthen the illumination of the good dreams that can become your reality.
Thirty degrees, was the sun from the horizon, upon returning from walking –
this morning before the sky (as predicted) will release some showers. For
myself, for my health gaining stride as the years advance. Still so many steps
to take be completely compassionate with the self.
id, ego and the
super ego compassion’s
companions rally



Our breath brings us into the present moment,
uniting our body, which is the sum of our past,
with our mind, where we create our future.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
(in no particular order)

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4 thoughts on “BE20 October 2016 wp

  1. Well said Jules. I to am trying to take a bit more care of myself. I tell my daughter to do it but then take no notice myself. So she tells me to take more care of myself. Maybe we should listen to ourselves.

  2. Greetings Jules it’s wonderful to hear or should I say read your inspirational words. I took that time for myself. I could take more but I missed you and all my blogging friends.

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