BE13 October 2016 wp

BE13: Reflective Autumn Stroll

Occasionally the need arises when we venture into the city. Compared to some,
our town is moderate to small. But for being in the northeast and one of the
original thirteen states…there is some age and interesting architecture.

There is a variety of old and new on any given block, with some respect paid to
the journey of the people who made up and make up the patchwork quilting of
people. There are the divisions that keep us separate, yet we try to notice more
the similarities, and with charity both bold and anonymous we attempt to close
the gaps.

arriving early
hand in hand, we promenade
‘round the city block



Every step of life’s journey is an important adventure.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
(in no particular order)

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3 thoughts on “BE13 October 2016 wp

  1. How lovely your small town sounds. Hear in our very built up area very few things actually work well. A listed building recently turned into a bail hostel. It’s not good.

  2. As long as the new is added sympathetically there should be no need for conflict. Good that it all works in your small town. I am in a similar situation here and mostly it works well too.

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