BE8 October 2016 wp

BE8: A Love Exchange

I almost
stepped upon one huge
crawler, there
on the walk,
without pause, I did rescue
the caterpillar



Beauty is found in the exchange of love between all beings

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
(in no particular order)
Please look at images section and #10 ©2011 by Fran Pope
This is very similar to the caterpillar I found yesterday (Oct. 2016)
The White-lined Sphinx/striped Morning Sphinx

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3 thoughts on “BE8 October 2016 wp

  1. Always a naturalist, you are JP….we need more caterpillars because we need more butterflies and moths and other pollinators. The cycle of life continues because of your rescue. ~nan

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