Just Karma 200 September 2016 wp

Ki, Chi, Qi, Stylized form of this character

Attribution here

The Spirit of the Chinese Character
From the book by Barbara Aria and Russell Eng Gon

Just Karma 200

to have energy
one must move; is five miles
in one day enough

Woken early to assist family; stopped at the one hundred year flood
plain vibrant with wild flowers (surrounded by a circular path). Brief s
top back home before walking to the library, just to see if I could.
On the way home stopped for a bowl of soup before the return journey.
There is always motion in any given day – all toll about five miles plus.

energy to heal
aid in a good night’s sleeping
in one day; enough


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    • Now that I’m not chasing grands five days a week…I need to do something else 😉
      I do have an exercise disc I could take out of its’ wrapper…

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