Just Karma 178 for September 2016 wp

Just Karma 178
Becoming the Butterfly
(mini haibun)

In choosing to stay away from competition with others
true wishes sometimes get derailed and put on the
back burners of our thoughts for a very long time.

a planted seed will
eventually grow when
nurtured lovingly

When we finally are able to grasp the choices that
Make us happy often support seems far and nil.

passion will erupt
into a most beautiful
flower if allowed

Value all of your attributes, even when, and especially
when you are facing your reflection in the mirror.


Choose work that is in harmony with your values.

Life’s Little Treasure Book: On Success
by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Just Karma 178 for September 2016 wp

  1. Dreams …. wishes ….. but sometimes, having buried them, can eventually, when ready to unearth them, push one to actually chase them down, even without support. Sometimes I think it’s far better to keep them secret – but that’s because I was never encouraged, so what do I know? LOL – actually what I do know is this: it can be really good if there is support, if it is honest – and I think, when the time is right, and one really knows it’s “safe” to share their dreams or wishes, they will – and perhaps then, more magic can flow, as new doors and opportunities open and present themselves. But ultimately, it all comes down to whether one believes in oneself enough – because all the work will be down to each person. A cheering squad helps though. 😀

    Lovely piece this 🙂

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