Just Karma 177 for September 2016 wp

Just Karma 177
Caliber and Scope
(mini haibun)

Sometimes it seems as if I have walked down the same
path over and over again. Sharing the success of teaching
and raising our children and theirs…and there is a wonderful
peace in sharing their lives in sickness, health, love
and the new adventures that await our future.

success; gardens grow,
lovingly directed trimmed,
blossoming for years

Retirement? Just a different continuance with a
different countenance or concentration and a
redirection of what is important to live comfortably.

I now can stand tall
accepting my natural
demeanor and mien


Judge your success by the degree
that you’re enjoying peace, health, and love.

Life’s Little Treasure Book: On Success
by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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4 thoughts on “Just Karma 177 for September 2016 wp

  1. there is a wonderful peace to this piece – the reflections, understandings, and direction in knowing and accepting what truly makes your life, as unique and as personal and intimate as your fingerprints – that is comforting 🙂 enjoy and be content and well Jules 🙂

  2. I love your words, Jules because I can so identify with them. Though I am not retired yet, my mother is and I see so much of your words applying to her. Beautiful work, as always 🙂

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