Just Karma 175 for September 2016 wp

Just Karma 175
‘Able’ and ‘Can’
(mini haibuns)

Behind the scenes plays a much different act;
the crew who build and moves the sets –
that is where I have been.
In the darker shadows, with my name
occasionally printed in a pamphlet.

let the loud voices
bellow to reach great distance;
I will hear whispers
The wing of industrious insects
Imprinting the seasons with action and song
That is where I will be
In the silver moon lit shadows, with my eyes
Looking upwards to the constellations

let the dusk and dawn
build the dreams of my nights and
also of my daze


Thunder is good, thunder is impressive;
but it is the lightning that does all the work.
– Mark Twain

Life’s Little Treasure Book: On Success
by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Because it also fits this prompt:
MLMM Bright just like the moon

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4 thoughts on “Just Karma 175 for September 2016 wp

  1. wow! wow! and wow!

    letting this gorgeous piece sit and roll around for a bit – absolutely stunning imagery, metaphors, ideas ….. I’d start singling out specific lines, but they all flow one into the other, supporting and reinforcing and yet highlighting such specific details, like “sliver moon lit shadows” and reference to eyes looking up, …. it’s really rather breath-taking 😀


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