Just Karma 169 TWD 29 for August 2016 wp

Just Karma #169
Food for Thought
(Elfje/Reverse Elfje)

Stew requires
No measuring…though
The recipe can be

‘Put good out get
Good back’ to
Breath with


Refuse to eat emotional poison
Taking things personally makes you prey for predators.
They can hook your attention with one little opinion and
feed you whatever poison they want. Refuse to eat poison!

Toltec Wisdom; The Four Agreements: A 48 Card Deck:
By Don Miguel Ruiz
(I shuffled the deck and am going in my own order)
1. Be impeccable with your word 2.Don’t take anything personally
3.Don’t make assumptions 4.Always do your best

(Awake August 2016 WOWH)

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