Just Karma 154 TWD 14 for August 2016 wp

Just Karma #154
Raising the Bar
(Elfje/Reverse Elfje)

Heaven presently
Eliminate as much
Negativity as you can;

Yourself by ignoring or
Spreading poisonous gossip;
Presently create


Become immune to poison.The whole world can gossip about you,
and if you don’t take it personally, you are immune. Immunity to poison
in the middle of hell is the gift of the second agreement.

Raise the Bar:
To raise the standards of quality that are expected of or required for something.

Toltec Wisdom; The Four Agreements: A 48 Card Deck:
By Don Miguel Ruiz
(I shuffled the deck and am going in my own order)
1. Be impeccable with your word 2.Don’t take anything personally
3.Don’t make assumptions 4.Always do your best

(Awake August 2016 WOWH)

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