Just Karma 149 TWD 9 for August 2016 wp

Just Karma #149
Truth brings Freedom
(Elfje/Reverse Elfje)

Only hurts;
Never does it
Help one to spread

Hear false words but
The mouth can
Stop spreading


Seek to know the truth. When you hear an opinion and believe it
you make an agreement and it becomes part of your belief system.
The only thing that can break this agreement is to make a new one
based on truth. Only the truth has the power to set you free.

Toltec Wisdom; The Four Agreements: A 48 Card Deck:
By Don Miguel Ruiz
(I shuffled the deck and am going in my own order)
1. Be impeccable with your word 2.Don’t take anything personally
3.Don’t make assumptions 4.Always do your best

(Awake August 2016 WOWH)

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