Just Karma 140 for July 2016 b

Just Karma 140
immaterial reference

who wants old text books
outdated pages – data;
bound information

a company bought and sold –
once solid technology…

bound information
left decomposing; in boxes –
who wants old text books


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7 thoughts on “Just Karma 140 for July 2016 b

    • Actually mostly tech stuff. But I found a place to A) recycle the books but I have to go through all the boxes to B) empty the binders to go to charity C) separate the magazines to recycle in a different local and D) separate the paper to recycle with the newspaper and E) dispose of the remaining trash. Then borrow a truck (from family who has one…) to haul the ‘books’ as to not wreck the suspension in my car 🙂
      from all the weight!

      I have seen use of paper folded to make ornamentation. There is so much tech material though that I don’t think it is really suitable. Recycling is good too better than just land fill. Not sure exactly how they go about recycle ‘books’ maybe shred it for bedding? I know some farmers that use old newspapers.

      Looking forward to gaining a few square feet 😉

      • LOL! I’m laughing at the “break down” of the recycling – not that it seems like an easy task – but because you seem to have it all under control – at least “technically” 😉

        Well, you certainly are keeping busy with it all – and I’m sure, once it’s all done, you will be more than pleased with the newly available space – and it does make for a “zen” clearing of the mind’s cobwebs too, as you mentioned in the IK 🙂

        So clean away and just remember to not over do it – don’t want to be straining your suspension as well 😉

        As for what happens with paper recycling? It’s surprising what uses shredded and re-pulped paper can offer. So it’s all good. 🙂

        • I have sorted through a bunch of stuff. Found some more books for the library and now I have some brickabrack stuff to sort. That stuff has been packed away for several years so I should be able to make some quick choices to donate a bunch of that stuff so someone else can treasure ‘it’ and provide funds for the charity. Like the swan wedding favors I had from a couple I don’t even speak to anymore… It is a soothing process.

          At least now I can reach a few more windows to let the air circulate in the patio… Though we had some good rain last night, it is muggy once again. I retrieved a fallen branch this morning and got bit for my effort. Argg! If it isn’t dry I need to remember the buggy spray or at the very least longer sleeves. 🙂

          • It sounds like you’re certainly well on your way making space available! And you’re right, it’s usually pretty easy to make the quick choices when things have been packed/stored away for several years …. out of sight, out of mind …. then it’s usually easier to know what still holds memories or is worth keeping. And as long as you’re feeling good – you said soothed? then the timing is right 🙂

            Ah the humidity – always a barrel of laughs! – Not! Unfortunately, it does bring out the “best of the bugs” …. so yeah, best to try to remember the “seasonal perfume” …. problem is …. it’s no fun to have to keep spraying oneself with those chemicals and feeling like one is “coated” …. but I guess it beats scratching like mad! I know, they love me – and I itch like crazy!

            Be well and have a wonderful day. 🙂


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