Just Karma 138 for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 138
fallen fruit
(a mini haibun)

Most of my pacing was back and forth to the clothes line.
Or to the porch or the extra bedrooms where the chicks
used to roost…where quite a bit of an odd memory or craft
supply is stored to sort through what is and what will be
recycled or just for lack of any other use or purpose – pitched
All that before and during the two storms, the second doing
some overnight disarray to the garden potted on the driveway…

a few peppers and
one green tomato taken
in too early


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3 thoughts on “Just Karma 138 for July 2016 wp

  1. Hope that the weather wasn’t too severe – and that it’s not been too up and down – but I suspect it has been, kind of like here too. Such is summer. And well, early picking still makes for good eating, just takes a bit more time to ripen 😉


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