Just Karma 137 for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 137
older, wiser?
(a mini haibun)

A few morning errands, pacing ourselves in the heat.
The stock on the shelves, not there…all bought up.
So we head home in a different direction to stop at
the new antique shop that’s been open for a while –
while I oohed and aahed at the displays on two floors
in rooms tucked here and there; I left empty handed.
Well that’s not entirely true, I left holding his…

by pausing for me,
he melted my heart; my love
grows as the years pass


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2 thoughts on “Just Karma 137 for July 2016 wp

  1. ahhh a true sweetheart 😀

    Glad that you could have some time to just wander and enjoy, and that he was gracious and thoughtful enough to offer the gift to you 🙂

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