Just Karma 136 for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 136

summer Saturday
(a mini haibun)

humidity makes us see shelter after walking the lawn behind
the mower. we pile like wet mops, to ride to the cool movie
theatre and travel into the fantasy of outer space…then we
must land back home – where the swallowtail roam seeking
the shelter of shade lured by fragrance. I wonder if that bug
was one of the caterpillars who ate my parsley… how many
years ago was it we watched eggs hatch, critters crawl?

yellow and black flutter,
faster than a crawl; flying
to swallow nectar


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5 thoughts on “Just Karma 136 for July 2016 wp

  1. Lovely!

    hope you cooled off and enjoyed the rest and respite!

    And wow – I so loved the line “I wonder if that bug
    was one of the caterpillars who ate my parsley… ”

    the way you’ve just introduced it into the entire reflection, musing about the day, the weather, the season, the heat – the film – and the comparisons and notations about the swallows – it’s surprising, like a breath of fresh cool air! And the closing and the haiku – it just wraps it all up so nicely 🙂

    • T’is always fun to see the latest Sci Fi movie 😉

      I read somewhere that Swallowtails can actually stay in their shell cocoons for a few years. And really once they crawled off the parsley to hide just how far can a caterpillar go? Somewhere I have photos of the different stages of the caterpillar as it was eating the herb.

      Some may say that milkweed and butterfly bushes are weeds… but that’s what I have and hopefully is attracting some of the critters 😉

      • Actually Milkweed and Butterfly bushes are awesome! Because let’s face it – without all the critters the cycle collapses …. and then, well, we are in deep troubled waters! And since the Monarchs are devastated – if you can grow those plants, and lend a helping hand, then I say “YES!” 😉

        I can’t grow Butterfly bush – it won’t survive the winters – even the hardiest varieties …. really touch and go – but here, in the acre, 99% of which I don’t cut – I let it all grow – and love it – including the Milkweed. 🙂

        • I had a piece of a purple butterfly bush that didn’t make it. The white one I have is hanging in there… I know there are other plants that the Monarch’s like. I just don’t have them…

          • well some things are better at attraction than others, of course, but then, I just feel that if we approach it all with a respectful attitude, things will work out as they will. And I’m pretty sure the visitors to your space and gardens are happy in their ways 🙂

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