Just Karma 134 (N11) for July 2016 wp Poets for Peace

Just Karma 134
Native Wisdom 11

Answering the Call…
Perhaps it is true that we only change worlds.
Often as simple as just changing a few words.
Words that are impeccable; written after thinking.
That is what a poet can do, for those who actively
seek and pursue a greater peace.

One can see poetry in nature, the visit of the heron –
This morning at the creek reminding me to live in the
gift of the present; while I enjoy my solitude there are
times that an individual needs to be part of a team to
seek and pursue a greater peace.

There is life. Life that is precious, sacred and blessed. It is
only a few that take to imposing their impossible dreams
of fruitless domination of all that lives to mask their own
insecurities because they have failed to learn how to
seek and pursue a greater peace


“There is no death. Only change of worlds.”
Seattle [Sealth] (1786-1866)
Suquamish chief

Native American Wisdom
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis
From Father to Son; Religion, Tradition and Being
One Sky Above Us: Unity, Individuality, and Custom
The Sweet Breathing of Flowers; Earth, Nature, And Reverence
and Walk the Good Road; Youth, Age and the Worlds of Change

Poets for Peace / forgottenmeadows  &  Meaning of the heron

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3 thoughts on “Just Karma 134 (N11) for July 2016 wp Poets for Peace

  1. Lovely, reflective, peaceful and yet hopeful and inspiring. And what another lovely blessing – the abundance of interesting wildlife that stops in and goes about its business. 🙂


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