Just Karma 132 (N9) for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 132
Native Wisdom 9

Has my purpose to you been to be your foil?
To always compare to what you did not have?
But then to expect me to always provide from
the pockets that you thought were so deep…

opposites can be
complimentary yet we
push ourselves away

What makes this the year for you to reach
beyond your consciousness and expect the
conformation of a relationship without any
confrontation, conflict or confusion of fact?,

©JP/dh (Free verse, haiku, free verse)

“…everything on the earth has a purpose,
Every disease an herb to cure it,
And every person a mission.
This is the Indian theory of existence.”
Mourning Dove {Christine Quintasket
(1888-1936) Salish

Native American Wisdom
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis
From Father to Son; Religion, Tradition and Being
One Sky Above Us: Unity, Individuality, and Custom
The Sweet Breathing of Flowers; Earth, Nature, And Reverence
and Walk the Good Road; Youth, Age and the Worlds of Change

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5 thoughts on “Just Karma 132 (N9) for July 2016 wp

  1. This is a very interesting and reflective piece – I really appreciate how you have set out a premise (as it were) and then think and ask the direct and pointed questions at the end. There is a wonderful elegance about this – without being harsh or brash. And it is an interesting compliment, interpretation reflection on the quote etc.

    And by the way ….. HUGS ….. just because.

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