Just Karma 131 (N8) for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 131
Native Wisdom 8

As a result of that answered prayer, one would hope
that the road from birth to adult would be blessed.
And yet too many a child suffers from some form of
neglect, misdirection, favoritism, even ignorance.
so often I have
asked you to listen to me;
my side, my story

yet you, also a
child of the same parents
think of me as lame

that is my take of
your devoted disregard –
when you think of me

©JP/dh (Free verse, haiku)

“It is strictly believed and understood by the Sioux that a child
is the greatest gift from Wakan Tanka, in response to many
devout prayers, sacrifices, and promises. Therefore the child
is considered “sent by Wakan Tanka,” through some element –
namely the element of human nature.”
Robert Higheagle (early 20th century) Teton Sioux

Native American Wisdom
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis
From Father to Son; Religion, Tradition and Being
One Sky Above Us: Unity, Individuality, and Custom
The Sweet Breathing of Flowers; Earth, Nature, And Reverence
and Walk the Good Road; Youth, Age and the Worlds of Change

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