Just Karma 129 (N6) for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 129
Native Wisdom 6

Exactly Different
Two birds from the same nest
Different flights of independence
Though you expect the different roads to merge
Only when it is convenient for you
And then wonder why more distance is created.

Have found
My individuality that
You choose to constantly

You give no explanations
To your own
Independent road;

©JP/dh (Free verse, Elfje and Reverse Elfje)

“All birds, even those of the same species, are not alike, and it
Is the same with animals and with human beings. The reason
Wakantanka does not make two birds, or animals, or human beings
exactly alike is because each is placed here by Wakantanka
to be an independent individuality and to rely upon itself.”
Shooter (late 19th century) Teton Sioux

Native American Wisdom
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis
From Father to Son; Religion, Tradition and Being
One Sky Above Us: Unity, Individuality, and Custom
The Sweet Breathing of Flowers; Earth, Nature, And Reverence
and Walk the Good Road; Youth, Age and the Worlds of Change

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