Just Karma 128 (N5) for July 2016 wp

Just Karma 128
Native Wisdom 5

Rock Solid
My home could have been yours.
But for the secrets the walls have kept.
The words shouted at all that unfairness embedded in the walls.
It is still a strong house; my body, who I am –
Who you refuse to see.

The opal
Filled with imperfections
Therein lies the beauty;

(Free verse and Elfje)

“The outline of the stone is round, having no end and no beginning;
like the power of the stone it is endless. The stone is perfect of its
kind and is the work of nature, no artificial means being used in
shaping it. Outwardly it is not beautiful, but its structure is solid,
Like a solid house in which one may safely dwell.
Chaised-by-Bears (1843-1915)
Santee-Yanktonai Sioux

Native American Wisdom
Photographs by Edward S. Curtis
From Father to Son; Religion, Tradition and Being
One Sky Above Us: Unity, Individuality, and Custom
The Sweet Breathing of Flowers; Earth, Nature, And Reverence
and Walk the Good Road; Youth, Age and the Worlds of Change

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4 thoughts on “Just Karma 128 (N5) for July 2016 wp

  1. lovely Jules 🙂

    And have to ask, how did you come across these books, that are inspiring you? What initially caught my eye was “photographs Edward S. Curtis” – having studied photography, he was, naturally, featured in the rich history. But that’s something else entirely. Anyhow, just curious how you’ve come to these sources of inspiration – or how they have come to you?

    I hope you are feeling well today – and find some peace and comfort and joy in your day 🙂
    Hugs all around – because hugs encircle 😉

    • I am not sure where my library book store/cafe gets these gems. Some of them are donated new by a company that wants to get their brand out. There is a little shelf for the little books and that shelf gets restocked regularly. All the proceeds go to help fund different projects at the library. I think the most I have ever paid for one of my ‘Inspiration’ books has been $3.00, the book by Curtis was $1. I pick up what strikes me. I don’t always use what I have right away. And some I save to use as gifts.

      I just flip pages until something strikes me. Then I write. I let the muse trip 😉 Since I’m sort of stuck in Limbo Land with my ‘situation’…I vent my frustration, desire, interpretation or understanding, well however it flows.
      In the back of the Curtis book it explains that the photo credits (all except the self portrait of Curtis himself) are from reproductions from the collections of the Library of Congress. So I might use the photos differently from the quotes that accompany them.

      • Cool 🙂

        Well, not the bit about the ongoing nasties, clearly. But I’m glad that you’re able to find these wonderful gems – it’s amazing how good things can just fall into place. As for how things are coming into play, hey, if it helps, then do it, right? That’s what counts. 🙂


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