Just Karma 123 (f14) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 123
frog adventures 14
(a haibun)

the rains that had held off; descended
a quick hop around the block
for a breakfast at a local eatery

where a studious lad conversed
his ambitions to be educated and counseled
by the Navy – that made kaeru smile

the rest of the trip home; through some rain
was mostly uneventful – even with the car radio malfunctioning;
kaeru’s pad – standing still; the grass taller…
kaeru, looks in the
robin’s empty nest; the chicks
have hatched and are gone

kaeru = in Japanese means both frog and returning.

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8 thoughts on “Just Karma 123 (f14) for June 2016 wp

  1. Glad that you have returned safely and all is well 🙂

    Certainly sounds like the hopping frog has had some wonderful adventures and explored a few new places and sites – so this is a good change of pace 😉

    And now, of course, the return – and with refreshed eyes 🙂

    • Refreshed? The sloth mode was slightly adjusted. But I’m working on taking it slow. I’ve got a small aphid problem in my potted garden. I’m hoping the spray with a little soapy water does the trick…

      One nice green pepper that is supposed to turn yellow, and a bunch of little green tomatoes starting. 🙂

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