Just Karma 121 (f12) for June 2016 wp

Just Karma 121
frog adventures 12
(a haibun)

on the way to Lincoln Woods in Norton, a kept
rooster perhaps in behind the hen house
announces his presence to kaeru

the Winnecunnet Pond through the houses along the bank
show windblow waters and the back view of the restaurant where
kaeru dined on the flower buds of Flinders Rose last night…

a woodpecker ra-ta-tats interrupting the solitude –
and a quick visit to the mouth of the Snake River
all this before returning for breakfast
kaeru, a good four
Miles before nine on the
last full morn away


Mouth of river just a tad above BM 22.4, lower right corner of Winnecunnet pond
With thanks to Selma Williams Gila (info) @:

Flinders Rose Caper

‘The caper is a flower bud from the flinders rose bush that is picked right before blooming.
A rose bush a person may ask? Actually the caper is a closer relative to the cabbage plant.’

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3 thoughts on “Just Karma 121 (f12) for June 2016 wp

    • ” Winnecunnet” (in its various spellings) may be an Algonquian word meaning “beautiful place in the pines”

      I knew I had read the meaning somewhere… a good many American names are Native Peoples or even borrowed from elsewhere.

      I remember you had a post about the pronunciation of some names where the sounds weren’t anything like the letters represented 😉

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